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Infant/Toddler Care

Good infant care is neither baby-sitting nor preschool. It is a special kind of care that resembles no other.                                                                                 ~ Program for Infant Toddler Care Philosophy

Talking to infants and toddlers supports language and brain development. The more babies are exposed to language, the more opportunities they'll have to practice their own developing communication skills. This is why it is so important to interact with infants, toddlers and young children. We encourage everyone who provides care for children to watch the following video by the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy. You will be glad that you did!

The Promise


Useful Websites for Illinois Child Care Providers

Illinois Early Learning is a website for young children funded by the Illinois State Board of Education. It contains a great many resources for caregivers and parents, including tip sheets on different subjects in several different languages. There are videos, talks with experts, FAQ’s and a number of other resources on this page. There is a link on the left of the home page “Birth to Age Three – Illinois Early Learning Guidelines.” The Guidelines explain benchmarks for different ages of infants and toddlers, and many ideas for creating experiences that benefit children’s learning and development.

The National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education contains links to indexed Illinois licensing regulations, as well as an html version of Caring for Our Children, the definitive go-to guide for providers, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Behavior, development, and caring for children are among topics covered in the Zero to Three website. There is a child care tab with specific information pertaining to the topic of early care and education.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers individuals the opportunity to sign up for their email service that will automatically notify you of new recalls; you can specify that you only want information about child-related products. They have features such as “CPSC’s Most Wanted,” archived information about older recalls, and a lot more. They also provide a link to SaferProducts.gov where you can find additional information and report an unsafe product.

Illinois Gateways to Opportunity has information specific to child care providers. If you haven’t already, you should enroll in the Gateways to Opportunity Registry, which is free, and this page will tell you how to do it.  In addition to basic information, this is a great place to keep track of your trainings and transcripts to work toward Illinois early childhood credentials.