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Latest Updates from the Child Care Assistance Program

10/06/17 CCAP Income Eligibility Criteria

On Monday September 18, 2017, Governor Rauner announced that the Department of Human Services will broaden access to the CCAP by raising the income eligibility criteria from 162% to 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
This change restoring the maximum income level to 185% of FPL for all families requires the Department to amend its current Administrative Rules. The rule change has been filed. It will be published on October 13, 2017. However, the rule is effective October 1, 2017, so determination of eligibility for applications received on or after October 1, 2017, must be processed using 185% FPL.

Family Size Gross Monthly Income
  185% FPL
2 $2,504
3 $3,149
4 $3,793
5 $4,437
6 $5,082
7 $5,726
8 $6,371
9 $7,015
10 $7,659










10/06/17 Child Care Payment Update 

NOTES: Monday October 9th is a holiday. No processing will take place on that day.

Recently, 800-804-3833 was not working properly for licensed providers. The technical issue has been fixed, and all providers should be able to hear payment information on that number.
Also, the debit card has recently added a mobile app for its customers. The app is available in Google Play or the Apple Store. The app is listed as: Way2Go Card, and allows the user to view purchases made, deposits, monthly statements, and many more helpful areas.


Recently, IDHS has approved many payments for Home Providers and Center Providers. On October 6th, IDHS plans to approve MOST Home Provider and Center Provider payments entered up to October 4th. IDHS always notes MOST on the approval of payments because some payments get held up for individual technical issues that require manual processing. Approval of payments is getting ready to return to some of our previous ways. Each month IDHS will probably be able to approve some payments in the first part of the month, and then have to stop approving payments for a few days until the mid-month funding becomes available around the 15th of each month. So, for this month IDHS will probably stop approving payments on October 6th, and then start approving payments again around October 18th.

Providers can hear information on the entry and approval of payments on the IDHS 800 number: 1-800-804-3833. Licensed providers must enter the IVR case number to hear information on their payments. Please refer to the most recent child care certificate or other child care case information for the IVR number. Also, providers paid by direct deposit can get detailed information of issued payments via the internet, by signing up for The Office of the Comptroller Enhanced Remittance screens. To sign up, providers need to log on to the Office of the Comptroller web site of: http://www.ioc.state.il.us/.
Go to the Vendors section and click on, "Click Here To Access or Register For Enhanced Vendor Remittance." Then click Register and complete the registration. After completing the registration, an e-mail will be sent to allow the provider to create a passcode and view detail of payments.

To view issued payments without specific payment information, visit: www.ioc.state.il.us

  • On the home page, options should come up:
  • Click on Vendors
  • Enter provider VENDOR TIN (SS# or FEIN)
  • Next enter the VENDOR NAME (name as listed with The Office of the Comptroller. Businesses need to use the legal name as Comptroller has them listed)
  • Select the security image noted
  • Click: Submit
  • Click: Payment Detail
  • Click: Find Warrant (the most recent issued payment will be listed at the top of the next page)

For issued payments: MOST payments are issued one to three working days after being approved by IDHS. Payments are issued at night, paper checks are mailed the next working day. Direct deposit payments and debit card payments are in accounts two working days after being issued. Weekends and holidays are not working days.

New Debit Cards

Normally, funds are on the debit card two working days after the payment is issued. However, it may be late on the second day after the issue date before the funds reach your account. For providers that are paid through the debit card, if you have trouble with your card, need a new card, or need a monthly statement mailed to you, call the card company customer service line at: 1-866-338-2944. To speak with a customer service representative at the card company, do not enter your card number when the message asks for it. Press the # sign when mentioned. Then when instructed press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card. Next you will be instructed to enter your social security number, zip code, and PIN Number. Only put in your social security number and zip code. After entering those two things, a representative should come on the line.
For child care case specific questions, or if you have a payment that was returned undeliverable, or if you have not received a payment that was issued over 20 days ago, you need to contact your Child Care Resource and Referral Office for assistance.

03/08/17 Fax Machine Update- Due to the adverse weather conditions of Monday, March 6th we are experiencing a fax machine outage. At this time documents may be sent to our CCAP department via email (scans of documents) at CCRRCCAP@salfcs.org, mailed to our offices, or delivered via walk-in. Any documents faxed since 10pm on 3/6/17 will need to be resubmitted. We will provide an update as soon as this issue has been resolved and thank you for your patience while are working with our phone provider on a repair. If you have any questions please contact our office at 309/205.3070.

01/03/17 Update- The Office of the Comptroller will be mailing by January 31, 2017, 1099 Miscellaneous Forms to all non-corporation providers earning $600.00 or more in calendar year 2016. These forms are used by the providers to report the income they received in 2016 on their taxes.  If a provider does not receive a 1099 Miscellaneous Form by February 9th 2017, they need to write to the Office of the Comptroller.  They must clearly indicate that they “Need a 1099 Form.”  The provider should be sure to include their name, address, Social Security Number, and phone number with area code.  They also must sign and date the note and mail or fax to The Office of the Comptroller. If mailing, mail to: 

Office of the Comptroller
Attn: Vendor Unit (1099 Request)
325 W Adams
Springfield, IL 62704

If faxing the information, fax to (217) 785-7212, attention: Vendor Unit (1099 Request)

** If a provider has changed their address since receiving their last payment from the Office of the Comptroller, the provider should mail, or fax a letter with the above mentioned information, to the Office of the Comptroller, by January 13, 2017, to ensure the correct address is on the 1099 form. If the new address information is not received by January 13th, the 1099 may be returned and the provider will have to request a duplicate.

***Also, some providers may ask about having taxes taken out of their payments.  Please inform the providers that we cannot take taxes out of their payments because they are considered self-employed. The providers are not employees of the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services, or their CCR&R.  However, the income they earn as a child care provider is earned income, and should be reported as income on their taxes.  The income amount listed on the 1099 is the gross income to the provider in 2016. Gross income includes the amount of the payment plus any union dues they may have had deducted.       


11/18/16 Update- Follow these instructions to register for the Enhanced Vendor Remittance Screens in order to see payment detail. Providers DO NOT need to call The Office of the Comptroller Direct Deposit Unit for assistance on sign-up.   After providers complete the registration, an e-mail is sent to them.  Providers then create their own passcode to be used for future log-ins to view their payment information. This can only be used for providers paid by direct deposit.

Step 1: Go to http://www.ioc.state.il.us/

Step 2: Click on VENDORS

Step 3: Click on Click here to access or register for Enhanced Vendor Remittance

Step 4: Click on REGISTRATION

Step 5: Complete the Registration. When all questions are answered, click REGISTER ME!

**After registering, provider will receive an email with instructions on creating their own passcode to view payment detail**


11/10/16 Update - The DHS Provider Payment Inquiry Website will be down indefinitely due to security concerns.  Below is additional information on how providers can view their payment detail.

For providers that are paid by direct deposit, The Office of the Comptroller offers a very good option to see payment information. It’s a different area of their web site and requires the provider to sign up for a passcode/PIN. The providers are able to view the exact same information that comes on a paper check: month of service, date of issue, amount, case number, client name, children names and amount paid for each child.  Also, deductions to the payment or add-ons are also listed.  To sign up for this, have direct deposit recipients call The Office of the Comptroller Direct Deposit Unit at, (217) 557-0930. 

Unfortunately, debit card providers cannot use the Comptroller Enhanced Vendor System. For those providers needing payment information, the information may have to be provided over the phone, or print out the Pre-Payment Provider List and mail or email to them.  The debit card company is supposed to mail monthly statements to those providers that request it, and in the monthly statement, the payment detail is supposed to be listed. The same information should be available on the debit cards web site. 

Providers being paid via paper check, obviously receive the payment detail for each payment on their check stub.


8/15/16 Update - Please see the below Notification to All Child Care Providers Participating in the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) regarding recent changes to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Attendance Policy.  

August 15, 2016

This notice concerns information regarding recent changes to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Attendance Policy that has been put on hold until further notice. Unless a provider has been specifically requested to do so, providers are not required at this time to submit documentation to verify attendance with monthly billing certificates.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) will proceed through the rule-making process under the Administrative Procedure Act to propose Department guidelines for attendance by rule rather than policy.

Until a new rule has been established, current procedures requiring child care providers to maintain a system that will verify the attendance of the children in care is still applicable.   Providers may use an attendance system of their choice (paper or computerized) rather than the sign-in/sign-out worksheet previously requested by the Department. 

However, please note that providers must ensure that any system used should appropriately and consistently document the care rendered by the provider and reflect the days billed to the Department.  The provider's attendance documentation must be maintained at the provider site and available upon request for a period of 5 years to present to IDHS or the Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency. 

The Department will provide additional detailed information about the proposed rules to all providers participating in the CCAP as it becomes available. 
Until that time, all policies remain the same.


Effective November 9, 2015, the following changes are being made to the emergency rules instituted for the Child Care Assistance Program effective July 1, 2015:

• New applications (received at the CCR&R or Site program on November 9 or later) must fall at or below 162% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) (see chart below);
• Legally license-exempt child care providers who are related to the child they are caring for are not subject to fingerprinted criminal background checks;
• All requirements associated with cooperation and/or opening cases with Child Support have been deleted.

Therefore, effective November 9, 2015, the Department is modifying the priority eligibility guidelines to all new applications. A new application is defined as a request for child care assistance for a family that has not had eligibility within the last 30 days. To initially qualify for the program after November 9th an applicant must be a:

  1. Recipient of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF); or
  2. Teen Parents enrolled full-time in elementary or high school or GED classes to obtain a high school degree or its equivalent; or
  3. Families with a child(ren) that has special needs; or
  4. Working families whose monthly incomes do not exceed 162% of the most current Federal Poverty Level for their family size (see monthly income levels below).

If you have submitted an application and have not received a notice of eligibility, your application will be processed as quickly as possible. You will not need to reapply.

If you have been denied because your family income was above 50% of the Federal Poverty Level, you will need to reapply.

Cases being re-determined will continue to be eligible as long as they are within the income levels set for redeterminations and all other eligibility factors are met. If inactive for 30 days or more, all new guidelines apply. In order to process as many new applications under these revised guidelines as quickly as possible, CCR&Rs and Site programs have been instructed to process applications before any other case actions.

There have been no changes to the policies or procedures for processing redeterminations. Families that are re-determining eligibility are subject to the standard eligibility criteria as stated in the Child Care Assistance Program Manual.

Once a family is determined to meet a priority intake group, standard CCAP eligibility guidelines apply. For example, if a family includes a child with special needs (regardless of whether that child needs care or not) the family must be at or below the 185% of FPL.


To view the Illinois Department of Human Services official announcement of the new emergency rules, please click here.