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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for a new Child Care Application to get approved?

It takes approximately 10 business days from the time we receive a COMPLETE child care application for an approval or denial or request for additional information. A COMPLETE application means that the application is completely filled out, including signatures, and all documents needed to verify school enrollment or employment have been submitted.

Can you explain the Billing Process?

1. Your provider fills out & mails the monthly Child Care Certificate

2. CCR&R Data Clerks receive billing and enter it into the system within 3 - 5 working days.

3. The information is then transferred to the voucher unit in Springfield.

4. The voucher unit reviews and confirms information.

5. The information is then transferred to the Comptroller’s office.

6. The Comptroller’s office prints, cuts, and mails the checks.

The entire process can take as long as 30 days.

Call 309-205-3070 or Toll Free 866-370-4556 to speak to a CCAP Specialist for more payment information or call 1-800-804-3833 for DHS payment availablility (available 24 hours a day 7 days a week).

When will the provider get paid?

Once approved, the provider will receive a billing form called a Child Care Certificate the last week of every month. Once the provider completes and returns the Certificate (after the service month is over), the provider will receive payment within 30 days.

What is the Child Care Telephone Billing System?

The IDHS Child Care Telephone Billing system is an alternative to mailing the Child Care Certificate to the local CCR&R at the end of the month.  The Telephone Billing system will help providers get payment quicker. All licensed home and license-exempt home providers of approved cases will be mailed a notice for the option to set up by completing a Child Care Telephone Billing Agreement Form.  The provider will mail the completed agreement to their local CCR&R. If you would like to receive a Telephone Billing system start-up package please contact us.                                          

To learn more about Telephone Billing System please go to  (http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=34482)

If a provider has already completed a W9 form once, will they ever have to do it again?

Yes, even if you have submitted a W9 form you may have to submit a new one if you change your name.

Are taxes deducted from payments?

No, providers are considered self-employed. At the end of the year they will receive a 1099 form, which will report their earnings for the year. This information must be used to report income on their tax return.

Why does the provider’s certificate get returned to them some months?

There are several reasons. If the certificate is received at our office before the first day of the next month it will be returned. The provider must wait until the month is over to complete the form so they can accurately report the number of days the child attended. The Certificate will also be returned if it is not filled out correctly or if the information submitted is not clear.

How should a provider bill for care if the information on the Certificate does not match the child’s schedule?

Bill for the actual time the child attended. If there are any mistakes, cross out the wrong information and list the correct information. DO NOT USE WHITEOUT. For any information that you change, you will need to list an explanation. If needed, attach a separate sheet of paper. Remember, if the parent’s schedule has changed, the parent must notify us of those changes before any adjustments can be made to the payments.

What are two current check stubs?

The two check stubs should be two most current and consecutive pay stubs that each parent received from their current employment. They can be no older than 30 days. One stub can be up to 60 days old if the individual is paid once a month, 45 days old if they are paid twice a month.

If I am a teen parent living at home with my parents, do I count myself and the baby as a family size of two or can we be counted as a family size of four?

A teen parent and his/her child(ren) are the only ones counted in the family size unless the teen parent is supporting the grandparents.

Can I have the state automatically take taxes out of my monthly checks?


When can billing questions be answered?

Not before the 21st of the month.

How long does it take to get a payment from Springfield?

Approximately 30 days.

What type of method of payment are available for providers?

All home providers can apply for a Debit Card. All Providers can apply for direct deposit.  If you do not apply for a different method of payment you will automatically receive all payments mailed in the form of a paper check.

Why Should I Sign-Up for Illinois Debit Card for Providers?

The Illinois Debit MasterCard is a fast, convenient and secure method of receiving your payments.  DHS offers this program for licensed and licensed-exempt home child care providers.  Sign-up in 3 Easy Steps! Please go to http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=45467 to get started!

How do I get Direct Deposit of payment set up with my bank account?

If you are an approved child care provider receiving payment you may qualify and you must contact Illinois office of comptroller at 1-217-557-0930.  The provider must have their FEIN/SSN.  The state office will conduct a short interview and mail out a request for Direct Deposit if eligible.  Once the State Comptroller's office receives their completed request form, and all required direct deposit paperwork, the state will began honoring the direct deposit within 10 working days. Providers will no longer receive a detailed document. Providers can log on the State Website (State Comptroller's) Vendor Payment to view state payments.  Provider must have their FEIN/SSN.  (www.ioc.state.il.us)

What do I need to fill out if I am found over income?

You many either send in a REDETERMINATION form with 3 consecutive check stubs that will be averaged with the two precious stubs or the parent can re-apply when they have two consecutive check stubs that do not put them over income.

How many days do I have to notify you when I lose my job or have a new job?

Within 10 days of employment break you must notify us on any changes with your case.

How many days do I have to notify you when I cancel out a provider and add a new one?

10 calendar days

Who gets the co-payment when I have two providers?

The provider receiving the largest reimbursement

Why was there money taken out of my check?

Each parent is assigned a ‘co-payment’ that they are responsible for paying to the provider. This amount is automatically deducted from the providers check before the check is issued.

Can I charge the parent more than what the state will pay?

A provider can charge the parent the same amount as they charge their private pay clients – however the state will only pay the maximum amount set by the state. If a provider charges more than the state amount the provider will need to contract with the parent to make up the difference.

How long will it be before my provider gets his/her check?

This depends on whether the provider has ever been paid by the state before and how quickly the parent returns all information to us. A brand new provider must fill out a W-9 form which, when received by CCR&R, is forwarded to the Comptroller Office. They must verify the information and then certify the W-9. A provider cannot be paid until his/her W-9 is certified.

What is FT and PT care?

FT – full time – a parent’s child care need is for 5 or more hours a day.

PT – part time – a parent’s child care need is for less than 5 hours a day.

When can I expect my Child Care Certificate?

Your Child Care Billing Certificate should be issued to you after the 21st of each month. You may return a completed Certificate for entry on the last day of the month. Any certificates received before the last day of the month will not be accepted.

Why was I not paid for the number of days I listed on my Billing Certificate?

The eligible days are based on the client’s check stubs and the number of hours the client works. If you claim more days than they are approved for, you will not be paid for the extra days unless the client can verify in writing additional days worked.

What is an RPY?

Representative Payee – a person (not the parent or step-parent) responsible for the cash grant of the child(ren).

Whom do I call if I have question?

Call the Child Care Assistance Program Department at 309-517-3070 or Toll Free 866-370-4556.  When you call, please have the parent’s name and case number available and have any forms or letters with you that you are calling about.