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COVID-19 Resources for Child Care Providers

October 12, 2020 

FY2021 Market Rate Survey

IDHS is collecting data that is imperative to the continued support of Illinois child care providers. The collected information allows leaders to plan and allocate adequate funding to support the needs of children and families in Illinois.

Complete the FY21 Market Rate Survey

Updates on CCAP Approval of  Payments for Care for School-Aged Children


Date of Posting: August 7th, 2020

The Illinois Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) has provided an update that effective immediately and through the month of October, they are implementing a temporary modification to their policy for the approval of school age care during the
school year to help accommodate the hybrid learning plans that are being implemented across the state:

  • If in person learning is available at the child’s school, CCAP will not pay for child care during the time in person learning is available at the child’s school.
  • If in person learning is not available at the child’s school, CCAP will pay for the child to be with a child care provider during that time.
  • Parents will be assessed the full-time copayment if the full-time rate is paid.
    • Part time care is less than 5 hours per day and full time care is 5 hours per day or more
  • Approvals are not automatic and must be based on actual child care need as documented by the school and parent work schedule.
  • Parents utilizing the Child Care Assistance program for payment of child care must submit their school age children’s
    attendance plan to their Child Care Resource & Referral. Once received, eligible days and copayments will be adjusted to reflect the anticipated schedule.
  • Providers submitting certificates for payment for approved CCAP services should adjust certificates based on the child’s attendance on days that in person learning is not available. This would include days that the school is closed or on days that the child is not scheduled for in person learning based on the school’s hybrid rotation plan.
    • CCAP will pay provider full time days for school age children those days that in person learning is not available if they are in care for 5 or more hours and the client is participating in an approved activity.

Guidance for CCAP Billing Certificates

Important Information for July, August, & September CCAP Payment Certificates


IDHS has provided updates to the following:

Please note: As with other temporary policy changes that were put in place during earlier phases of COVID19, IDHS has reinstated policy 06.05.01 which states: Providers must not charge the State a higher rate for a parent receiving subsidized child care than is charged to their private paying clients. The rates on the certificate have not been updated to reflect the new rates effective July 1, 2020. If you are not charging the new state rate AND you have not submitted a rate certification form to our office, you must provide us with that certification BEFORE we can enter your payment, to avoid any overpayments. Thanks to those who have already turned in their rate form. If you did not turn in a rate certification form, cross out the incorrect rates and write in the correct one.

Changes reviewed in the above memo include:

  • Income Eligibility/Co-Payments
  • Redeterminations
  • Priority Essential Workers
  • 90-Day Grace Period
  • Parent Signatures on Certificates
  • Enrollment Attendance  & Payment Policies
  • Child Care Restoration Grants

Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development Website: Up to date information from OECD regarding COVID-19 safety precautions, news, and updates from state agencies.