Our Team

Meet our Child Care Resource & Referral of Midwestern Illinois Team



April Berthiaume, Director             

aberthiaume@salfcs.org   309-205-3070                     ext. 4003

License Exempt Provider Monitors


Brittany Clenney,  License Exempt Monitor

bclenney@salfcs.org      309-205-3070               ext. 4006

Audrea Johnson,    License Exempt Monitor

ajohnson@salfcs.org    309-205-3070                ext. 4005

Quality Team


Stephanie Witt,    Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

switt@salfcs.org              309-205-3070               ext. 4016


Kelsey Swanson,    Grants Specialist/  Parent Referral Specialist

kswanson@salfcs.org    309-205-3070               ext. 4012

Brianna Skovronski,    Quality Specialist / Data Specialist

bskovronski@salfcs.org  309-205-3070               ext. 4011

Angela Herrington,      Quality Specialist / Recruitment & Retention Specialist

aherrington@salfcs.org  309-205-3070                 ext. 4010

Traci Hennings,          Infant Toddler Child Care Specialist  

thennings@salfcs.org    309-205-3070               ext. 4009

Child Care Assistance Program Team


Paula Pond,                Child Care Assistance Program Manager




Caitlin,                        CCAP Eligibility Specialist



Sofia,                            CCAP Eligibility Specialist




Jude,                            CCAP Eligibility Specialist/Provider Specialist




Jill,                                    CCAP Eligibility Specialist/TANF Referral Specialist

Elizabeth,                    CCAP Eligibility Specialist




Amy,                              CCAP Eligibility Specialist

Carol,                            CCAP Support Specialist

Ruby,                            CCAP Support Specialist