Update Program Information

Update information on your child care program including address, phone number, and open child care slots. 

Vacancy Updates:

Child Care Resource and Referral maintains a data base with profiles on every licensed child care provider in the seven counties we serve. Licensed exempt programs may be added to this data base pending a self-certification  process. CCR&R is able to assist families with finding care based on reported vacancies. Vacancies are child care slots a program has available to accept new children into their care. In order to assist the community with the most up-to-date information, regular updates of program profiles are required.  A program’s  information is never given without consent. If you would have any questions or would like to update your program information over the phone with a Data Specialist please contact our office at (309) 205-3070 Option 8.

Complete Update: All information on the CCR&R data base is verified and updated regarding every provider in our SDA. This must be completed once a fiscal year for a provider to remain our referral database. 

Partial Update: Only partial profile information is updated for a provider’s profile, this is usually an update of program vacancies, or open child care slots in the program. This must be done at least twice a fiscal year, but can be updated as many times as a provider would like to report openings. 

Market Rate Survey: A survey put on by the state bi-annually to collect data on providers’ rates for care. This is done by submitting ‘complete updates’ with an emphasis on updating provider rates.  

If you would like to complete an online “partial update” for your program, please enter that data below.

Please note: If you need to update provider information for the Child Care Assistance Program this cannot be done through this page. For CCAP provider information updates please speak with our CCAP department at 309-205-3070 Option 2. 


Complete updates can be done by calling our office at (309) 205-3070 Option 8 or online via Survey Monkey at the links below. Please click on the link specific to your program type. 

Family Child Care Home Complete Update

Child Care Center & Preschool Program Complete Update