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Pulling Apart the PAS

  • 04/07/22 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Registration Deadline: 03/31/22 5:00 PM

Category: Other

Pulling Apart the PAS is designed as a follow up to the PAS training; participants will explore several ways to assemble the PAS portfolio as well as take a deeper look at each item and the possible documentation that can be included in the PAS portfolio and what the verification of the PAS portfolio looks like.  Pulling Apart the PAS is both a learning session and a collaboration session among providers who participate to share ideas and network.

*All participants must have already taken the PAS training.  This training is designed to look deeper at what the possibilities are in building a PAS portfolio for the purpose of achieving a silver circle of quality.

Trainer: Angela Herrington, BA, MEdT, NBCT

Content Hours: 2

CDA Hours: 2

Gateways Hours: 2

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